Who we are

Accu-Test Labs is an accredited, independent testing service company located in Houston, Tx. Since 1998, customers world-wide have counted on Accu-Test for accurate, affordable materials testing and nondestructive testing services. We get certified test results with answers about material properties, characteristics, weaknesses, defects and composition. We specialize in metals testing and test specimen machining, but also perform chemical analysis of samples ranging from powdered metals, ores and ferroalloys for one-stop convenience.

Time is money!

Your time is money, so save time by working with a single company for all your testing needs! Accu-Test eliminates costly bottlenecks and delays by consolidating all materials testing, nondestructive testing and machining operations in a single facility that incorporates the right equipment, techniques and expertise. When your order needs to be turned around in days – not weeks – look to Accu-Test for quick service and reliable results. Your testing will be completed quickly, without compromising quality.


Streamline your orders by working with a single facility like Accu-Test Labs. As a “one-stop” testing laboratory, our clients rest assure knowing that we can quickly and conveniently provide test specimens, analysis and testing with Quality Results. You eliminate the hassle of coordinating orders with multiple vendors and can easily track the status of your projects.

A seasoned team of employees help service our growing list of clients world wide. The Accu-Test staff has expertise in the following areas:

Hardness Testing  / Mechanical Testing / Chemical Analysis  / Corrosion Testing / Metallography

Heat Treatment – Material Qualification / Fracture Mechanics – CTOD Testing / Weld Sample Testing

Non Destructive Testing / PMI – XRF / Complete Metallurgical Testing Facility

Visitors are always welcome. Contact our office for specific directions from your area. Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. After hours consultation and services may be arranged by appointment only.

Our Management Team

Kenneth Waites
Kenneth Waites President
Robert Johnston
Robert Johnston General Manager
Ashley Shelfer
Ashley Shelfer Quality Manager